You may give it little thought, but your car battery is hard at work every time you start your car. Hopefully, you’ve never been stuck outside with a dead battery, but if you have, you know car battery maintenance is important.


The car battery works by providing voltage to your vehicle’s starter and supplying power to all the electrical components in your vehicle. A pretty important job! Over time, the health of the car battery may start to decline. This could be due to cold winter temperatures, age, and corrosion.

You may start to suspect you have a car battery issue if you notice dim headlights on your vehicle or if your car is slow or sluggish to start. Other warning signs include low battery fluid and a swollen battery case.


The good news is car batteries generally have a long lifespan – around three to five years. A simple way to prolong the life of your battery is to keep the battery terminals free from corrosion and to ensure your vehicle is driven often for longer periods. When you take your vehicle in for maintenance, ask for a battery test to be done. This simple check will tell you what stage of life your battery is in and if a new battery, is needed.


The expert technicians at our Chevy service center near know Chevy cars. If you suspect you have a car battery issue or just want to run a test, you can count on us for quick and reliable car care. Your time is valuable, and we will quickly replace your battery so you can get back on the road. You will always receive exceptional care from our qualified experts! We hope to see you soon at our Chevy dealership.